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Year 1

Welcome to the Year 1 page! 

On this page, you will be able to find out about all of the children's learning and gain an insight into what we are doing in class.

The Year 1 teachers are:

Miss Beardsley is the Phase Lead for Year 1 and 2

Miss Ranson - 1R 

Mrs Williams - 1W

Mrs Cooper and Miss Oakey also support the children's learning every day. 

Message from the Year 1 teachers: 

 Year 1 have been working extremely hard in all lessons and have shown lots of determination to complete all of their activities. 

Important Information: 

In Year 1, we recognise how important PE is as part of the curriculum.

Our PE lessons are as follows:

Indoor PE -  Wednesday

Outdoor PE - Thursday 

The children will need their PE kits in school for their outdoor PE lesson. This should consist of:

- blue, black or grey shorts/ bottoms

- a white or house coloured t shirt 

- pumps or trainers which the children can fasten themselves. 

Forest School 

On a Tuesday, Year 1 will be doing forest school. The children will need warm clothes and a pair of wellies to wear, in a labelled bag.


After half term each week, your child will receive a spelling homework. These spellings will cover the Year 1 common exception words and the phonics sounds  they have learnt in school each week. 

The children also have access to Numbots https://play.numbots.com/#/account/school-login/52740 

This website allows your child to practice and apply their understanding of number. It supports them with their maths learning in school. We recommend that your child uses their login at least three times a week.

Reading at home: 

In Key stage 1, we value the importance of reading. We know that learning to read is a priceless, life-long skill that will unlock the whole curriculum for your child. Reading is important in all year groups but particularly in Year 1 as your children will sit their Phonics Screening Test in June. This assessment includes testing your child's phonics knowledge and how well they have progressed throughout the year.  

It is important that your child reads regularly at home to help them consolidate their sounds that they have been learning in school, develop their fluency and support their comprehension. It is really important that all children have their reading records and reading books in school each day. Within their reading record, it is really important that you record every time they read at home as this provides important communication between home and school. When your child reads at school, you will receive feedback in the reading record too. 

Year 1 Curriculum 


In maths, the children have been learning about addition and subtraction. The children have been completing addition and subtraction to 20.  

Any practice on Numbots will help the children develop their maths fluency. 


In English, we have been learning about non-chronological reports. The children are busy planning and writing their own non-chronological reports. 


ELS (Essential Letters and Sounds)

We have started learning our phase 5 sounds and we have been applying them to our reading. We are really excited to invite parents in to our parent sessions on the following dates:

Year 1 Phonics Session – Tuesday 24th January 9am

Year 1 Phonics Session – Thursday 2nd February 9am

Year 1 Phonics Session – Wednesday 1st March 9am


In science, Year 1 will be exploring everyday materials. We will be scientists focusing on comparative and fair testing as well as identifying, grouping and classifying. We will be working scientifically using skills in making predictions, setting up tests, observing and measuring and recording data. Our lesson objectives will be finding out what materials are, what objects are made from, how to describe materials and using critical thinking to identify similarities and differences of materials. These skills will help us identify what the best materials are to use for a nappy, umbrella and curtains.  


In history, Year 1 will be learning about significant individuals and how their inventions have changed the world. We will explore how people travelled in the past and how people travel now, who George Stephenson was and what he did and the significance of his invention of the train. We will also discover who the Wright brothers were and what they did and the significance of their invention of the aeroplane.


In R.E. Year 1 will be learning all about Jewish people and how they live. We will explore special objects in their homes and how they remember God in different ways. We will be looking at Jewish celebrations and how they are celebrated and how we celebrate special times in our lives, especially Holy Week, which is the lead up to Easter.  


In computing lessons, we are continuing with our learning about digital painting. We have been creating art digital art in the style of Wassily Kandinsky. 


In DT, we are learning about different kinds of pizzas. We will be exploring different pizza toppings and we will be designing, making and evaluating our own pizzas.